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coverAngel Insights:
Inspiring Messages From and Ways to Connect With Your Spiritual Guardians
(Llewellyn, May 2016)

Angels are always with you―but who are they, what motivates them, and how are angels both like us and different from us? In what ways can angels help us and what are their limitations? Can we invite angels to play an even larger role in our lives? Angel Insights gives readers the fascinating, life-changing answers with an in-depth look into the divine world of angels.

Some angels, like guardian angels, are assigned to you at birth, and are devoted to protecting you and advocating for you throughout your life. Still more angels, like archangels and helper angels, are available to you anytime. In this book you’ll learn about different types of angels and what each can offer you.

Angel Insights shows you how to create a closer relationship to the angels, teaches you how to recognize angelic guidance, and provides practical exercises so you can hone your intuition to receive more angelic guidance about love and relationships, physical pain and emotional trauma, setting boundaries and self-care, support for a heavy heart, fulfilling your unique soul purposes and life path, and warnings of danger.

Join author Tanya Carroll Richardson as she shares messages given to her straight from the angel realm on spiritual topics like fate, free will, soul contracts, divine timing, third-eye eating, the environment, and living as a human angel in the world.

Anyone can communicate with, better understand, and develop a closer bond to the angels―discover how!




Forever in My Heart: A Grief Journal
(Ulysses Press, November 2016)

Immortalize your most precious memories
Celebrate the life of your loved one
Keep their spirit close in your heart
Remember and cherish your time together

Filled with touching and inspiring prompts, Forever in My Heart is a comforting journal for recording your reflections on your loved one’s extraordinary life, their unique traits, and all the many experiences and traditions you shared. This journal will help you explore your emotions, say things that were left unsaid, connect with your loved one’s spirit and find healing through writing. It also includes pages to scrapbook photos and other treasured mementos.



Heaven on Earth:
A Guided Journal for Creating Your Own Divine Paradise

(Sterling, 2015)

Most people think of heaven as a place we go in the afterlife. But could we find it right here, right now? Tanya Richardson says YES. Heaven on Earth examines such divine concepts as love, beauty, angels, peace, freedom, and possibility so we can recognize their presence in our own world. Along with inspirational quotations, each chapter includes thought-provoking, fill-in-the-blank questions and ends with a “heart thought” to help us connect with the tenderness in our lives.



Angel Intuition:A Psychic’s Guide to the Language of Angels

(Llewellyn, Dec 2018)

Coming in December 2018 from Llewellyn Books, available at Barnes & Noble and

Join Tanya Carroll Richardson, angel intuitive and author of Angel Insights, as she shows how to invite angels to play a larger role in your life. Discover how to communicate with angels and receive their guidance for healing old wounds, finding your soul’s calling, creating healthier relationships, and much more.

Archangels and ascended masters have an important role to play for all of us. By improving your intuition and learning how to discern angelic guidance, you will be able to move past emotional blocks and explore the true possibilities of manifestation. Angel Intuition also shares inspiring examples and stories of how angels can help you realize your destiny.

Zen Teen:
40 Ways to Stay Calm When Life Gets Stressful

(Seal Press, September 2018)

Coming in September 2018 from Hachette’s Seal Press, available at Barnes & Noble and

A warm and relatable teen guide to reducing anxiety, depression, and panic while developing resilience and confidence with 40 tips and tricks that guide, support, and inspire teens to keep calm and stay mindful

In the last decade, studies have reported a drastic rise in teens who experience anxiety, panic, and an inability to cope with the pressures of daily life. As mental health challenges become less stigmatized, young people are more likely than ever before to know how to identify their feelings and ask for help. Even celebrity teen icons like Selena Gomez are “coming out” as anxiety sufferers.

Zen Teen
addresses this epidemic with powerful coping mechanisms and creative tools-including two fun quizzes, tons of engaging exercises and a cool playlist-designed for the teenage mind. With topics like “The Unique Genius of You” and “Rock-Star Rituals,” Tanya Carroll Richardson prompts teens to get calm by engaging in mindful tasks like identifying gurus, tapping into warrior energy, mastering meditation, practicing realistic optimism, becoming a self-awareness samurai, learning to surrender, finding a spirit animal, expressing challenging emotions, living with loving-kindness, protecting the planet, and making vision boards that embrace “the Tao of Cool.”

Smart and fresh, Zen Teen helps teens thrive while navigating and managing the pressures of everyday life.